Price of intraosseous blockade

Цены на процедуры внутрикостных блокад, цены на курс блокад
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Price of intraosseous blockade

Сообщение Stefan » 09 фев 2016, 18:04

Hello, I have recently found Your site and forum, so decided to ask few questions. I am curious what is the price of the course of this method? I mean how much would I have to pay to learn this method from You and how long does it take?

I am waiting for Your answer,

Best regards!

Prof.Kornilova L.E.

Re: Price of intraosseous blockade

Сообщение Prof.Kornilova L.E. » 21 мар 2016, 16:53

The price of course of intraosseus blockades is 50000 of rubles, or nearly 550€. It depends on rate of exchange.
The education of procedure takes 2weeks -72 hours.
It can be studied in Russian and in English languages

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